Hyperpigmentation can be mild or severe. We use products and lasers for our treatment plans. Various factors can contribute to hyperpigmentation (sun exposure, melasma, injury or inflammation, and genetics) being the most common reasons. Our team will help identify how to help prevent, treat, and maintain your pigmentation concerns for flawless and beautiful skin!

Pre Treatment: Avoid excessive sun exposure, tanning beds, products with retinol, or other activities/products that may be abrasive or harmful. Do not subject your skin to anything that could cause irritation or inflammation.

Post Treatment: Do not expose your skin to anything abrasive or damaging. Let your skin rejuvenate. Follow your provider’s post instructions that will be discussed at your treatment. Aftercare is very important following this level of treatment. Downtime is minimal, but most clients experience warmth and redness of the treatment area several hours after treatment. You may also experience flaking and peeling as the pigmentation comes to the surface of your skin and sloughs off. Many people refer to this as “peppering.” Appropriate hydration post treatment is important and soothing.