Microneedling is an effective procedure for inducing collagen production. Prior to your treatment, you will be made comfortable, and a numbing cream will be applied for 20 minutes. The device we use has a handpiece that enables very small needles to puncture the epidermis. This is done in a stamping pattern, causing the body to stimulate a healing process while the radiofrequency (RF) adds heat, by which collagen is built. This collagen adds structural support to the treatment area and lifts, tightens, and enhances the skin quality. Microneedling can be utilized in various areas of the body. Many clients have found significant benefits in reduced scarring, stretch marks, wrinkles, sun damage, pore size, all while experiencing enhanced skin tightening and firmness. We encourage you to complete a package (series of 3 treatments) and proceed with one annual treatment to maintain your results. Many studies reflect that these results last for over a decade! This is one of our leading treatments. Client satisfaction is very high with this procedure.

Pre-Treatment: Avoid excessive sun exposure, tanning beds, products with retinol, or other activities/products that may be abrasive or harmful. Avoid blood thinners (medications, alcohol, and vitamins) to reduce the risk of bleeding and bruising. Come hydrated as this is helpful with the effectiveness of the RF waves.

Post-Treatment: Do not expose your skin to anything abrasive or damaging. Let your skin rejuvenate. Follow your provider’s post-instructions that will be discussed at your treatment. Aftercare is very important following this level of treatment. Downtime is minimal, but most clients experience warmth and redness of the treatment area several hours after treatment.